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The  Ammo  Channel  mainejunker  
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  1. 'AK-47' scrap metal build PART 1_ Intro & Demilling.mp4 52.07MB
  2. 'AK-47' scrap metal build PART 2_ Receiver from scratch.mp4 74.82MB
  3. 'AK-47' scrap metal build PART 3_ Trigger group from scratch.mp4 105.18MB
  4. 'AK-47' scrap metal build PART 4_ Barrel Assembly, Headspacing, Pinning, Etc..mp4 90.97MB
  5. 'AK-47' scrap metal build PART 5_ Receiver riveting and assembly.mp4 63.83MB
  6. 'AK-47' scrap metal build PART 6_ Receiver painting - Durabake.mp4 49.80MB
  7. 'AK-47' scrap metal build PART 7_ Final assembly!.mp4 44.04MB
  8. 'AK-47' scrap metal build PART 8_ Test firing.mp4 90.76MB
  9. 'The Ammo Dump' Epsiode 1_ 45 ACP Shotshells Revisited.mp4 147.08MB
  10. 'The Ammo Dump' Epsiode 2_ Let's talk about 303 Brit.mp4 105.97MB
  11. 140 lbs of molten lead - preparation for making ingots for bullet casting.mp4 12.28MB
  12. 2013 Sneak Peek from MJ Projects - Ammo, reloading, shooting, casting, AK, SKS, Mosin Nagant.mp4 50.34MB
  13. 22 Ruger Mark I - Shootin' stuff.mp4 27.28MB
  14. 30-06 M2 Armor Piercing - Data gathering and analysis.mp4 111.62MB
  15. 4 Ways to Pull Bullets - Reloading Tips.mp4 114.45MB
  16. 410 Taurus Judge Magnum - Shooting Pumpkins, Pies, etc..mp4 13.74MB
  17. 44 Magnum Lead Cast Hollow Point vs. Sack-o'Taters - Ruger Redhawk.mp4 90.02MB
  18. 500 S&W shooting the Spire Point lead cast bullets - Reloading bullet casting Smith Wesson magnum.mp4 52.98MB
  19. 7.62x39 Bullet Expansion_ Soft Point vs. Hollow Point vs. FMJ - Brown Bear, Golden Bear, TulAmmo, AK.mp4 66.11MB
  20. 7.62x39 Herters 154gr soft point test and teardown.mp4 46.94MB
  21. 7.62x39 Old Brass Revival - Salvaging & Restoring old brass cases for reloading ammo.mp4 62.35MB
  22. 7.62x39 Steel Core_ Chinese -vs- East Geman.mp4 37.27MB
  23. 7.62x39 Water Expansion Test_ Soft Point vs. Hollow Point - Golden Bear & Brown Bear, AK 47 SKS ammo.mp4 109.66MB
  24. 7.62x39 mystery round test firing - red tip - explosive.mp4 18.01MB
  25. 7.62x54r Czech 46 gr featherweight ammo.mp4 111.82MB
  26. 7.62x54r New Production Incendiary Ammo.mp4 94.09MB
  27. 7.62x54r headspace gauges.mp4 142.62MB
  28. A home made shell holder from a rusty bolt.mp4 47.22MB
  29. A makeshift jacketed bullet resizing die - 7.62x54 to 308 diameter.mp4 66.57MB
  30. AK Slow Motion Shooting - Music by MURP.mp4 54.05MB
  31. AK47 Armor Piercing -VS- Steel Core 7.62x39 Incendiary Chinese.mp4 79.67MB
  32. AK47 vs. Steel (Penetration Test, various thicknesses).mp4 20.86MB
  33. AMMOTEST SHORT_ 30-06 Armor Piercing vs. AR500 (Out-take subclip from full video).mp4 23.68MB
  34. AMMOTEST_ 30 Caliber M2 (30-06) Armor Piercing Penetration Tests - Military Surplus Ammo.mp4 192.03MB
  35. AMMOTEST_ 38 Special Nyclad Hollow Point Self Defense vs. Lead Cast Bullet in Ruger SP101.mp4 37.93MB
  36. AMMOTEST_ 7.62x39 Armor Piercing Incendiary.mp4 61.09MB
  37. AMMOTEST_ 7.62x39 East German Nylon Core.mp4 38.90MB
  38. AMMOTEST_ 7.62x39 East German Steel Core.mp4 35.66MB
  39. AMMOTEST_ 7.62x39 HEI High Explosive Incendiary ammo.mp4 67.55MB
  40. AMMOTEST_ 7.62x54r Steel Core ammo penetration tests.mp4 112.99MB
  41. AMMOTEST_ Black Tip .308 Armor Piercing - AP Ammo.mp4 46.91MB
  42. AMMOTEST_ Cheap 7.62x39 Ammo - Russian TulAmmo.mp4 50.25MB
  43. AMMOTEST_ Chinese 7.62x39 Steel Core.mp4 36.77MB
  44. AMMOTEST_ Silver Tip .308 Armor Piercing Incendiary.mp4 43.91MB
  45. Armored Ballistic Gel -vs- 7.62x54r Steel Core.mp4 35.46MB
  46. Ballistic Resistance of an iMac.mp4 16.00MB
  47. Beltfed 7.62x54r Build 01 - The Kit!.mp4 40.60MB
  48. Beltfed 7.62x54r Build 02 - Compliance Modifications.mp4 32.41MB
  49. Beltfed 7.62x54r Build 03 - Coffee, Toast... Let's Weld!.mp4 78.23MB
  50. Beltfed 7.62x54r Build 04 - Headspacing, Clamps, Aargh!.mp4 102.51MB
  51. Beltfed 7.62x54r Build 05 - Weld up done & Belt feeder demo..mp4 106.47MB
  52. Beltfed 7.62x54r Build 06 - Machining the Receiver.mp4 86.91MB
  53. Beltfed 7.62x54r Build 07 - Blending the welds.mp4 269.45MB
  54. Beltfed 7.62x54r Build 08 - Barrel & fixing the headspace.mp4 86.88MB
  55. Beltfed 7.62x54r Build 09 - Notching and pinning the barrel.mp4 151.56MB
  56. Beltfed 7.62x54r Build 10 - Making a firing pin.mp4 66.96MB
  57. Beltfed 7.62x54r Build 11 - Fire control group (Part 1).mp4 113.61MB
  58. Building a wood burning lead smelter.mp4 50.15MB
  59. Building the backyard shooting range.mp4 37.25MB
  60. Bullet Casting 500 S&W Spire Point - Reloading & Lead Bullet Casting for 500 Smith Wesson Magnum.mp4 61.56MB
  61. Bullet casting & reloading 308 Winchester ammo - Lead Bullet Casting Hunting Cheap Ammo Reloading.mp4 41.32MB
  62. Burning excess gun powder off bullets - lead cast, bullet casting.mp4 27.98MB
  63. Cabine Tree lead hardness tester.mp4 74.97MB
  64. Casting ZINC wheel weights into a silicone mold.mp4 9.55MB
  65. Casting lead into a silicone tray - lead casting mold, ingots, reloading and bullet casting.mp4 11.23MB
  66. Clear Ballistics Gelatin.mp4 39.29MB
  67. Collapsible Shotgun 410 _ 45 colt _ 12 Ga. NEF Survivor Tamer.mp4 16.70MB
  68. Converting berdan cases to use boxer primers..mp4 79.56MB
  69. Cutting Lead with a Chainsaw - Salvaging heavy lead boat keel for bullet casting and reloading.mp4 70.07MB
  70. Cutting a bullet in half - cross sectioning ammunition.mp4 24.39MB
  71. Cutting heavy lead block with a log splitter - Bullet casting and reloading.mp4 4.39MB
  72. DIY Easy to make greensand for casting metal - Aluminum sand casting.mp4 54.10MB
  73. DIY Home made mold for ballistic gel.mp4 65.54MB
  74. Different types of wheel weights - lead bullet casting.mp4 11.46MB
  75. Dissolving rust with Evapo-Rust.mp4 65.73MB
  76. EAA Witness 45 ACP Pistol (1080p Up Close High Resolution).mp4 20.80MB
  77. Firearm Mechanics Part 1_ Cycle of Operations.mp4 176.92MB
  78. Firearm Mechanics Part 2_ Types of Operations (Manual, Gas, Blowback, Recoil).mp4 144.33MB
  79. Firearm Mechanics Part 3_ Semi Auto -vs- Full Auto.mp4 117.41MB
  80. Frosty the Exploding Snowman - Music by MURP (Tannerite bomb, 22LR Incendiary, AK).mp4 29.37MB
  81. Fundamentals of Ballistics.mp4 185.48MB
  82. GEL TEST_ 7.62x39 Brown Bear Hollow Point expansion.mp4 53.81MB
  83. GEL TEST_ 7.62x39 Golden Bear Soft Point expansion.mp4 72.84MB
  84. GEL TEST_ 7.62x39 Ulyanovsk 8HP L.C.B. expansion.mp4 35.49MB
  85. GEL TEST_ 7.62x39 Ulyanovsk 8M3 _Effect_ expansion - Russian Hollow Point.mp4 57.31MB
  86. GEL TEST_ 7.62x39 WOLF Hollow Point bullet expansion in Clear Ballistic Gel.mp4 34.32MB
  87. Getting started casting bullets - Choosing equipment for lead bullet casting, beginner, reloading.mp4 84.13MB
  88. Herters 7.62x39 Hollow Point test and teardown.mp4 72.94MB
  89. Homemade Flatbed on 1984 Chevy K20 3_4 ton.mp4 2.61MB
  90. Hornady Cam-Lock Bullet Puller - Reloading tools, pulling bullets, collet not kinetic.mp4 7.20MB
  91. Hornady Zombie Max from the inside out. The Secret Is....mp4 77.06MB
  92. How I built my cheap hydraulic log splitter (Under $200) - Homemade log splitter.mp4 35.20MB
  93. How not to load 1000 lbs of lead onto a truck.mp4 30.44MB
  94. How to find free & cheap lead for bullet casting and reloading ammo.mp4 168.73MB
  95. How to make a pumpkin explode when shot! Pumpkin Hunting 101.mp4 63.27MB
  96. Identifying Steel Core Ammo.mp4 25.79MB
  97. Improvised Ammo #1_ The Matchbook 38 Special.mp4 72.82MB
  98. Improvised Ammo #2_ Matchbook powder vs Smokeless.mp4 103.25MB
  99. Improvised Ammo #3, Resizing & converting jacketed bullets.mp4 60.40MB
  100. Just some 500 S&W fun.mp4 18.70MB
  101. Lead smelting accident! - Bullet casting, lead casting, ingots. Reloadinh.mp4 4.95MB
  102. Let's talk about 7.62x54r ammo..mp4 45.05MB
  103. Making 45 ACP Shotshells at home using 41 magnum dies.mp4 70.19MB
  104. Making Lead Cast 7.62x39 Ammo - Bullet Casting and Reloading 7.62 for the AK, SKS, CZ 527, etc..mp4 150.81MB
  105. Making a bubble flare with a double flare tool - Replacing brake lines.mp4 8.89MB
  106. Making low recoil 308 ammo with lead cast bullets - Reloading and bullet casting.mp4 76.80MB
  107. Measuring bullet penetration depth.mp4 61.34MB
  108. Measuring lead hardness - Bullet casting and reloading.mp4 128.98MB
  109. Melting aluminum clean & cheap with electricity - Scrap aluminum casting, ingots, greensand.mp4 12.98MB
  110. Melting clear ballistics gel in a traditional oven.mp4 149.55MB
  111. Melting jacketed bullets for casting and reloading ammo - bullet casting, range lead, smelting.mp4 19.30MB
  112. My cheap pickup truck crane (Under $100 harbor freight model 1647).mp4 21.59MB
  113. New 7.62x39 Ammo Quiz.mp4 35.05MB
  114. New Targets for the Summer 2013 AMMOTEST videos! - Concrete, AR500, Steel, and more..mp4 175.74MB
  115. Poor man's lube heater for RCBS Lube-a-Matic or Lyman bullet sizer for lead cast bullets.mp4 15.12MB
  116. RESULTS_ 7.62x54r Steel Core ammo penetration data & analysis.mp4 54.18MB
  117. REVIEW_ Cabelas Rotary Media Separator - Reloading, case cleaning, tumbling, stainless.mp4 100.46MB
  118. Rain water catch sytem with solar electric pump.mp4 132.16MB
  119. Reloading Bench_ Simple DIY quick swap press mount.mp4 37.53MB
  120. Removing BERDAN primers the easy way..mp4 50.80MB
  121. Ruger Mark I & II Magazine Compatibility & Modification - 22LR 22 Long Rifle Rimfire MK1 MK2 MK I II.mp4 56.36MB
  122. Ruger Redhawk 44 magnum - Stainless 7.5_ - Target shooting.mp4 10.54MB
  123. SHTF_ Reloading Steel Case berdan ammo with regular primers in a pinch. 7.62x39 Tulammo Wolf.mp4 107.53MB
  124. Salvaging & hauling heavy lead blocks for casting lead bullets (not scrapping).mp4 66.28MB
  125. Shooting Bullets Loaded Backwards.mp4 57.51MB
  126. Shooting lead cast bullets in the stainless steel CETME Battle Rifle.mp4 41.95MB
  127. Simple & Cheap Bullet Trap.mp4 29.52MB
  128. Simple & cheap ventilation for indoor lead casting.- Bullet casting, melting pot.mp4 3.99MB
  129. Subscriber Update _ State of project, TIG Welder, Etc..mp4 226.76MB
  130. The $50 AK Optics Upgrade - Budget Tactical Scope & Mount AK 47 Assault Rifle WASR Saiga Cheap.mp4 86.06MB
  131. The _BEST firework EVER__ Hen Laying Egg (Banned in many states).mp4 13.47MB
  132. Thumlers Tumbler with Stainless Steel Media - Bullet Case cleaning.mp4 33.83MB
  133. Welcome to the RCBS Pro-Melt lead casting pot - Bullet casting and reloading tools.mp4 28.93MB
  134. What makes a solid copper bullet expand_.mp4 76.52MB
  135. Wood burning lead smelter, wheel weights into ingots for bullet casting reloading.mp4 22.26MB
  136. checksum.sfv 22.93KB
  137. fuckyt.txt 2.16KB

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